September Twitter-Splosion!

All of September’s daily #vss365 (Very Short Stories, or tales in a tweet) in one shot! It’s all coming your way in a crazy rush of eclectic of whatever crossed my mind with each prompt.

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She held her breath as the light faded in the sky. It had all been a silly nursery rhyme, right? Right?! And yet in the #gloaming she hastened on the path home, dropping her basket. The stars provided little comfort as the howls of wolves chilled her blood. Grandma!#vss365


Her head rests on my knee. Her eyes stare into my soul. As she lifts a paw and places it in my palm I am consumed by the fires of her #love. No human devotion can begin to approach the depth of a dog’s.#vss365


“Oh wise mystic, I come bearing life’s most critical #mystery.”

“What query have you that has defied normal men?”

“Why do hotdogs come in packages of ten and hotdog buns in packs of eight?”

“I … wow, that’s a tough one!”#vss365


My home behind me, my harp slung over my back, I stepped onto the open road lured by the fleeting #horizon growing ever distant. This village had been my world, how woefully small it had been. Time to discard childish things, time to grasp reality as a bard.#vss365


Sam smiled as the visions of her family in a warm embrace ran through her mind. Soon now, soon they would all be together again. Before her eyes her breath began to #crystallize, hanging in a death pall. Rapid gun fire filled the air. Soon … they would be reunited.#vss365


Bird song carried on the breeze at #daybreak joyful of the void left behind when the machinery ceased. Wind stirred the curtains through the open windows. Eyes lay open, unclosing to elements. The war had ended and left a world spoiling in its wake.#vss365


It was raining … jello? I put my hand out into the sugary desert glopping from the sky. Jim laughed, “Just like our high school prank! Remember how mad the principle was?” I blushed, heart aflutter. No ring. Was this #serendipity? He opened an umbrella, “Going my way?” #vss365


“Zephyr’s #comet is a once in a lifetime event!” I sat atop the hill staring through the telescope beside my niece. She eagerly took the lens, a moment later fear plastered her face. When I looked again I realized the truth of my words. Prepare for impact!#vss365


“I love you with all my #soul”

“I love your soul more.” Her eyes blinked and glowed red. “Open up to me, sweetheart.” When she finished her meal, the succubus licked her fingers and checked her cell. “Mmm, men that tender are hard to find these day. Who’s next on Sinder?”#vss365


I never felt at home here. Not in this ordinary world. A current flowed through me from the depths of the earth, occasionally it crackled at my fingertips. I may look human, but I wasn’t. A changling #uprooted from the Otherrealm, the magic seed will not sleep in me.#vss365


Silvamord the kitsune grinned through the twisting incense #smoke rising from each of her nine tails. The crude kobold stomped into her shop brandishing his glave. He inhaled the fanned smoke, his jaw went slack stone infested his scales. She admired her newest sculpture.#vss365


My heart still pounding, the cold #floodwaters lapped at my toes. A lake where my farm had been moments before. So this was what the government meant by relocation program for the greater good. Eddying in the current ragdolls that once were my neighbors.#vss365


My body tingles, all the hairs standing on end as the sun set fills the sky. Momma holds me close and whispers, “Soon now.” The bright eye wide open in the night fills the sky, changing us, primaling us. We lift our muzzles, singing to honor this #lunar holiday. “Aoooo!”#vss365


My claim to fame? Oh yeah, that’s a great story. My niece asked me, “Can you do a #somersault?” I said, “Hold my beer.” Woke up here, in traction. Good news is, my best friend Larry sent the video to a contest. Says we’re a shoe-in to win. Should cover the medical bills.#vss365


I swallowed hard at the undeniable evidence. There it was, preserved in a lump of #amber. No matter how many times I reran it, the data never varied. Our promised end stared me in the face locked in tree sap, and no one believed me. Countdown T minus…#vss365


The music tugged and pulled on every limb. We found ourselves slaves to the #euphoric rhythms, feet pounded the pavement in time with the drumbeat. Our world dissolved into one ruled by measures and tones. Had we only known the spell the siren wove, we would never stop.#vss365


The mouse-widow wailed into her paws. “My poor husband!”

“Naught but a snack,” the fox continued for her with a flick of his tail. “Apologies for the tone, but that it is what one gets for foolishly approaching a lion, the king of #carnivorous beasts.”#vss365


“Before Alice there was Trixie, then Monica. I tell yah, Mark gets #infatuated at the drop of a hat. It’s all innocent, he moves on.” I leaned back in the interrogation chair, smiling up at the detective. Of course Mark moved on, the moment the his target vanished.#vss365


“Mercy!” the villagers cried out to the beast using the mountain as his bed. Behemoth’s tail coursed down like a raging river. The beast yawned and with a single slash wiped the occupants and their village off the map, a display of the apocalypse bearer’s #cavernous heart.#vss365


Gaia observed patiently as creatures upon the surface decimated her generosity. There had been enough for all, until they evolved. For the sake of the remaining species she sent storms, fire, and flood to #devour humanity. The Earth would heal, cleansed and repopulated.#vss365


“A man’s worth is in his #marrow.” Strageth the savage smiled down at her students. A moment later she cracked a femur like a twig. “You see? This human is rotten.” Her hatchlings bobbed up and down on their claws and she proceeded to use a bone-sliver as a toothpick.#vss365


“My, what a lovely #garden. This must be what takes up your time after William’s passing?” Mary’s guest inquired on the leisurely tour.

She smiled demurely, her gloved fingers toying with a fresh rose plant. “The key is good fertilizer and tilling the soil thoroughly.”#vss365


The forest shivered in anticipation. Foliage speckled with the upcoming autumn waved beneath the vibrant horizon. The sun sank giving way to the moon’s reign. A unicorn pranced through the enchanted woods sparkling with the power of the #equinox. The change hers to bring.#vss365


I swallowed, sound echoed in the cavern revealing its immense size. I gripped my sword with both hands wishing it had been a torch to break the darkness. An ember flickered. I took a step back. A moment later a huge maw burst in #fire. Well, I found the dragon. What now?#vss365


Elder Grah pulled the thread through the hoop in a delicate design. I sat at her feet enthralled by the rhythm. She smiled, “Never forget this art we make as tribute. Not every tribe can make a life-catcher.” Each pass of her victim’s #sinew thread sewing spirit’s power.#vss365


“I didn’t know Jimbo could #consume an entire vat of chili.”

“He’s a dog. What did you expect?”

“I also didn’t know it’d come back out both ends as nearly an identical substance.”

“Sigh. Just keep mopping.”#vss365


“I’m convinced #universe has it out for me.”

“Don’t be so dramatic, Emily.”

“Stupid f’in cat on the stupid f’in stairs. Fine. Can you at least scratch my nose? The casts won’t let me.” #vss365


Forces aligned as the forests entered their season of slumber. Darkness poured from the henge in thick swirls. The sidhe opened wide releasing the #chthonic spirits to cavort in the crisp night air. A dark beast slunk in the world on poisoned talons. His age had begun.#vss365


The morning sky blazed red. Flocks of birds engaged in a strange #dance , murmurations in various patterns. My heart thundered. What was that old saying? “Red sky at dawn, sailors take warn”? I was no sailor, but the hazy horizon promised nothing but death.#vss365


The hooded man with a scythe extended a hand. “Name’s #Inevitable.”

“I—I thought it was Death.”

“Nah, we’re re-branding. Marketing says that the grim aspect is too retro. So we’re trying to lighten the spin. Is it working?”

“Umm, I’m still dead. Right?”

“We have T-shirts.”#vss365

August Twitter-splosion

All of August’s #vss365 tweets in one shot! Enjoy!



Joy trembled as the #cellar door rattled. Not again, she thought. No one believed her last time. They wouldn’t again. It must be a rat, remained the excuse. The frame broke and the chimera beast lunged against the wall ready for his kind of play. Joy gulped!#vss365


The cave stood before me, an epic reuniting journey. My call echoed back to me, nothing more. Had I taken too long to reach? My heart sank. Then, a flicker of a connection. The bright flash of feather and claw. My gryphon #familiar flattened me. We were whole again.#vss365


The elk herd took flight from the howling pursuit of the wolves they could not shake. At the rear a wise old elk slowed and stared at the tails of the herd vanishing into the safety of the trees. The rest would live as he waited to pay #sacrifice as so many had before him.#vss365


“That light on the horizon, that’s odd. Can’t be Venus, that’s the wrong way. Should be #Jupiter. But it’s getting-”

“-bigger. Alarmingly bigger! Planets don’t do that. What the fu-”

Just then the radio blared, “Citizens of Earth, we have assumed control.”#vss365


The dragon wrapped her tail around her young. “When I was young we were ruled by the fair dragon #empress.”

“What happened to her, mama? Why do we hide?”

“A dragon declared himself our first emperor. And then our first civil war.”#vss365


One tiny spark in a void does nothing. But, if that tiny spark happens near kindling it can catch and spread. Without boundaries it can grow into a devastating #wildfire, for bad or for good in some cases. What kind of spark you are depends upon intentions.#vss365


Love is an #emotion she was immune to. Many fawned over her in displays of lavish affection that resulted in nothing. Nothing to them. For her it revealed the shallow nature of desire at how rapidly loyalties changed.#vss365


Rain fell on the cracked earth and hissed on impact. Despite the downpour it did no good to alleviate the drought in the unending heat. Too late to change fate. The world watched hope #evaporate one drop at a time.#vss365


She wiped her brow with her apron around the corner, out of sight. Fixing a grin on her face she covered the exhaustion as well as any could, and buried the fear that ends would not meet. There’s no #glory as a waitress battling poverty.#vss365


Constance adjusted her corset and walked out with soundless steps onto the darkened stage. No one had told her the price when a soul #peaks too soon. The audiences came to see the living perform … no one ever “saw” her. #vss365


“What a strange name for a town, #Vermillion. I wonder why it’s called that?” An hour later I regretted that question, for the master scholar dropped a tome in front of me. It was all in the history. The night a dragon painted the town “red”. #vss365


In a line they stretched from the ocean, or was it into? She couldn’t tell as her feet drew her along the #shell line. Waves dappled in foam danced, the lure pulled her ever forward. The moment her toes touched the water one world gave way to another … she was lost.#vss365


Society called her a #renegade when she protested. They ignored her logical argument and called her insane. In the present they made her a villain. When the system fell under their own foul dealings … society forgot the derogatory nicknames, history called her a visionary.#vss365


“I don’t like how things are. Why can’t we just fix the problem. The solution is ea-”

“I’ll tell you why, Grandpa. It’s because everyone thinks they have the one true answer and people are too #stubborn to talk shit through.”

“The answer is-”

“My point exactly.”#vss365


Silence is the most disturbing thing, when applied to a puppy. I stood from my desk and entered the room hoping to find him sleeping. Instead I was greeted by an #explosion of what once was my couch. Around his gleefully wriggly body, a selection of untouched dog toys.#vss365


I close my eyes and my world becomes a #symphony. Everywhere there is music, though most call it noise. The rumble of car tires holds rhythm with the whistle of the wind. Even if no one else appreciates it, I move to the world’s orchestra.#vss365


No matter how many times I tell myself the monster isn’t real, I feel claws in my flesh. I fight to #imagine the time when I didn’t know the crippling pain, the poisonous anxiety that stole my life. I cry out, but no one hears me. I cannot escape this unseen beast. #vss365


“Eh, new dog.”

“Name’s Mais-”

“Don’t care. Listen, there’s an order around here. I’m the #favourite pet and don’t you forget it.”

“I can’t help it if the human likes me more.”

“You better, or you’ll wind up like the cat.”

“What cat?”



The world lay silent before me. Everything bathed in shadow as I #linger, my gaze cast over my home. Where I was born, I rode a bike and played tag, shared lemonade with a friend. All it took, one millisecond of hatred to wipe out all life. Assholes, hope they’re happy.#vss365


Every stroke of the brush is an escape. The troubles of reality fade away. Don’t disturb me as I wander through my #haven of paint. I will return to your world when I am ready, and not a moment before.#vss365


Hearts pounded, lungs burned, every hoof tore up the ground in the herd’s panicked flight. They ran toward freedom with the wolves biting their flanks. It wasn’t freedom that greeted them. The cliff, the pack’s strategic #blindside, provided a leisurely buffet.#vss365


Despite impressions of stylish elegance, the city wasn’t her scene. When the cameras turned off and control of her life returned, deep in the woods she shed the civilized cocoon and let her #wild side out. For her, bathing in the moonlight did not require a bikini.#vss365


Intelligence ain’t Roy’s best trait. After all, it was his #bright idea to hold the Running of the Chihuahuas. Never thought I would see a man mauled by land-piranha. On the plus side, he saved in funeral costs due to the casket size. Actually, may have been his best idea.#vss365


With that one word I felt my world #shatter. And yet it didn’t even register in the chaotic shock. One four letter word whispered in my ear and my life relinquished. “Mine.” If only I had fought back.#vss365


The dusk #skyline burst into an array of colors including the brightest red against desert sand. Cradled in the dunes a lost albatross fought to keep her eyes open. Lost in the largest beach imaginable, her last thought, where did the ocean go?#vss365


The door opened on ground zero: the kitchen. Boxes and cans with contents spilled over the floor. The trashcan knocked over and rooted through. Two debris covered dogs groveled amidst ketchup paw prints. One sat perfect as his trash lid necklace #confess to his crime. #vss365


“Tsk tsk, little midge.” Aunt Madge pulled out her wand even as I withered under her gaze. “Did I not tell you to take care how you channeled manna? Of course the spell backfired. You’ve #tangled the pull. Lucky you didn’t finish summoning that demon.”

Demon? Oh fuck!#vss365


Balance. Each creature had its place on the island engaged in an eon long dance to find each and every niche for plant, bug, bird, and mammal. All except one. Eager to exploit the hidden treasures of the #fragile land; dollar signs in his eyes, a match in his hand.#vss365


Mother Earth blinked her eyes, a #million years passed before she opened them again. The creatures walking on her changed so dramatically. In another blink, they were gone. Something new took their place. Ever dynamic, she marveled at the flexibility of life.#vss365


My hand tingled as I pulled it out of the hole. “Dammit! It must be #somewhere. Not like it’s easy to misplace a doomsday device!”

“Don’t you remember which dimension you left it in?”

I reached into another portal, a burst of smoke. “Found it! Bad news, it’s used.”#vss365


I danced in circles interrupting it with every trick in my repertoire. Come on, human! Get your act together. Why does it take #forever to pour kibble in a damn bowl and set it on the floor? I sit up at the perfect moment. Snout meets bowl. Let’s MEAL!#vss365