July Twitter-splosion

Another month of #vss365 prompted Twitter-tales. There are daily micro-stories in a Tweet. This month they went all over the place. Enjoy!



The lady clutched her designer handbag. “$5? For that poor excuse for food? That’s a fortune!” As she swung away from the stand in her huff a bill fell from her pocket onto the ground.

The ragged girl picked up the rumpled $5 bill. Her eyes widened. “Look, a #fortune!”#vss365a


The black horse approached me from the water’s edge. A pondweed infested #braid slapped his neck. “You didn’t put that in yourself.” I reached a hand toward his glistening side. A ghost child appeared between. I leapt back, inches from sharing her fate with the kelpie.#vss365a


“Master?” The apprentice knelt before the ancient dragon. “The world is dying, how can you gaze at it with such #equanimity?”

The dragon replied, “When you have seen countless civilizations rise and fall the only permanence is change.”#vss365a


The stray barked at me, yapping that my leash meant I sacrificed my #liberty. I continued to assist my companion cross the street, pride undimmed to our comfortable home. The next day we passed the stray’s alley, and his crushed body. A sad fate.#vss365a


The fairy ring’s light set Sionnach’s rusty fur a-glow. On the other side human voices beckoned her to come forth. Did they not know the mischief they summoned? The fault was theirs. She leapt through the portal, paws in #contact with mortal earth. Let the fun begin.#vss365a


A ship glided in our wake. The lookout watched through the spyglass. We had to protect the king’s cargo. The slew grew larger, tacking the wind onto our coarse. A flag began to #unfurl. “Red!” the lookout yelled. Every sailor fell to his knees. In time … certain death.#vss365a


The stone’s biting cold is a #sting to my belly. But I will not leave. My eyes trace the letters of a name I can’t read. But I know it. It’s carved into my heart, every day I spent with my paws in her footsteps. Life drains away on the grave of my master until reunion.#vss365a


The knight rode his horse just shy of the foothill’s burn ring, his squad readied the trebuchet. “We’re out of your #reach, Dragon! Now you die!” Two eyes glowed in the cavern. A moment later a gout of fire erupted where they stood. Laughter echoed in the dead valley.#vss365


The world changes at night. The once bright field lies somber and ominous. The pathway into the woods dark and foreboding. At the entrance sits the fox as if waiting for me. “Hello, friend.”#Beneath the surface of her eyes lies a promise of something … adventure … demise?#vss365


A wild fox smiled at me in the moonlight. “Is this world getting you down? You can leave for another. But there’s a #trick to it.” Her paw swirled the pond and she dove through. “Don’t be afraid.” What was I to do? It’s not every night you meet a trans-dimensional fox.#vss365


Inside me it twisted and turned in an ever increasing #fury until I doubled over with the pain. Either I unleashed it, or it tore me apart. In scream borne from all that society had insisted a good being kept concealed I let my true self out. I stood alone, but content.#vss365


They say when you die your life flashes before your eyes as you spiral through a brightly lit #tunnel. That would have been a vast improvement from reality, lying 6-ft under, self aware, non-responsive. Anyone know when the end of the world is?#vss365


Every time Jack turned around in the bedroom, there it was. Always on the bed stand, the crystal candy jar, Lucy’s#precious possession. On his knees he pleaded with the universe to stop reminding him. But her ghost kept replacing it. Time and time, again.#vss365


“You’re either a girl or a #boy. Nature doesn’t make anything else.”

I pull out the biology encyclopedia and begin the filibuster of examples that debunk this ignorant notion. By the time I finish, eyes are wide. “Nature meets your bet, multiplies it, and calls; buddy.”#vss365


I sat down at my desk, materials before me. A clear idea in my mind of what I’d create. A stray thought took over my hands and morphed it. Then another and another, until a #torrent of stray tangents poured through my hands. Nothing like what I’d planned, it’s much cooler.#vss365


The mouse grinned. “I read in a book about our kind befriending a lion by removing a thorn from his paw. Don’t worry, I’ll placate the beast.” He skittered toward the lion to #delve his paws. In all four he found nothing. However, in the lion’s eyes he found hunger.#vss365


Rumor has it I have a bad #reputation, something about anything that angers me mysteriously vanishing. I pull out the tome and special ink. I pen four more names on the list. A glowing specter emerges. Looks like that rep will be changing again.#vss365


“In the #unlikely event that dinosaurs attack the aircraft we ask that anyone with firearm experience assist the crew. Other passengers retreat to the bunker room.”

What are the chances of that? I scoffed. Five minutes later the grating screech of claws filled the cabin.#vss365


Elise stood in the #verdant field surrounded by wheat and heather bowing to the wind. A wind that grew stronger as the ground growled and buckled. She turned to watch the farmhouse of her birth drown in flood created by the dam. A place she would never leave.#vss365


The child picked up the winged horse toy and stroked its faux fur. “Poor thing, it’s not real.”

The toymaker took it back and smiled. “Poor you, growing up too soon.” Calloused hands caressed the feathered wings. Pegasus blinked, nickered, and began to #fly. #vss365


Roused by the ruckus in the kitchen, Joe flicked on the light expecting the typical antics of rearranged dishware. He grabbed his nose, his spectral roommate having outdone itself. In the corner he found his pesky neighbors … or rather bodies, in a neat #stack. #vss365


Sam truly loved Amber, but when he told her her mind seemed #elsewhere.

Behind her distant eyes he could never have known the dark war that swirled there. A constant flight from the gashes and scars of the past invisible to the normal world.#vss365


Chuck’s grip on the bat faltered. It took a few heartbeats for his #folly to register as the glowing eyes caught the moonlight. Claws glistened with fresh blood. “You’re not a zombie.” The werewolf growled. Alone, too late to regret his crack to Tom about silver bullets.#vss365


The news rattled on, we stared at the screen captivated by the events. The thought running through our collective minds, “this must be some kind of #joke, right?” But to our horror we watched the gavel come down on the fate of humanity. Goodbye world.#vss365


The gryphon narrowed her eyes. “Think carefully before you #answer, human.” The brash knight pounded his chest and opened his mouth. Before he got out a single word, the gryphon head-butted him into the nest to her hungry young. “Wrong answer.”#vss365


My blind date went south rather quickly. Pushing him away I yelled, “Go to #hell!”

He laughed and grabbed my wrist. “Ok, come home, meet my mother.” Two fiery horns sprouted from his head. The floor opened in a portal. I never should’ve used CinderDate.#vss365


The TSA agent looked me in the eye. “Declare your #intent.”

“Not sure I understa-” She cut me off and pointed at the screen where an odd substance shadowed my bra. “Oh…” about that time I realized that bags of powdered sugar are a poor choice for enhancements.#vss365


We never had a chance, I thought to myself as I watched the society crumble. Time had worn away resolve, we perceived that the power was theirs. It wasn’t, it had been ours, but by our foolish silence we #renounced it. #vss365


In the shadows of the full moon he appears. There is nothing more ancient than this #stray mongrel who wanders the earth awaiting the chance to claim his prize. Innocent eyes beware, for those who glimpse have seen their grave.#vss365


The sheepdog rested his head on folded paws, the #flock grazed on the hill. From the woods the wolf crept up on the dozing sentry eager to steal a fat ewe. All looked good, until the wolf lost sight of the dog. Wisely he cut his loss before the dog cut his life short.#vss365


The lioness sunk her claws into the rogue lion’s face. Her sisters protected the cubs as she drove him off. The would-be king’s tail vanish into the grass. She returned to her pride, head held high, the reigning #queen. Until her cubs matured, she didn’t need a male.#vss365