June Twitter-splosion!

Micro flash abounded all through the month of June, here you will find my responses to the #vss365a prompts on Twitter. Why the ‘a’ at the end? Because there is an anthology building. The ‘a’ marked my stories as seeking to be chosen for inclusion. Enjoy the mixture!



“What are you laughing at, child?” the artist asked.

“The ridiculous creature in your painting.”

The artist smiled, “Oh you mean the chanbersnatch, the #ancient beast enraged by laughter? Sleep tight tonight.”

Wide-eyed, the child gulped.#vss365a


The weight of ages crippled his paws. Overwhelming pain closed his eyes. Over, so it seemed. But in the #crucible of death, pounded by his master’s fervent pleas, the end did not come. On ethereal paws he rose, and walked beside her … unseen.#vss365a


“Careful dear,” Auntie said, “you don’t want to get scratched.”

I scoffed. “It’s only a pussy #willow, soft as down.”

A second later tiny red streaks marked my fingers. I bent down to find a miniscule snarling kitten. Not one, but hundreds!

“Pussy willows.” She grinned.#vss365a


At the gate of the lost city an alluring women offered him a #lotus. He savored the precious fruit, telling her of his quest between each bite. She smiled as his words faded, eyes glazing over in the mist of divine pleasure. She lead the latest slave in. The gates closed.#vss365a


From the doorway her frail shadow stretched out into the darkened room. Hand on the frame, she clung to a #phantasm of hope. Gone please! The light clicked on. A familiar toothy grin greeted. “Welcome back.” Her demon patted the couch beside him, gin bottle in hand.#vss365a


The sea drake breached the waves and glared down at the ship thrashed in the wake. Nostrils flared, he shook his head and sank below the waves. His hunger deserted him, to the shock of the #craven sailors. The stench of spent bowels and urine was a terrible seasoning.#vss365a


The fox’s shadow cast over a #century worth of dust and debris in the old apartment building. A world left behind at the foot of the cracked cylinders. She sniffed a rotted doll on a chair. This wouldn’t feed her kits. Mushrooms, savory and larger by residual radiation.#vss365a


Nothing moved at the edge of the crater save for the swirl of #smoke. Miles of leveled land, countless life, flash incinerated. A cloud of mass extinction swept over the globe in a smothering storm. Humanity could not escape it. Wiped clean, Earth began to cycle again.#vss365a


My nephew ran his fingers along my writing desk. “Oh hey, this is the same #motif that’s on the cover of your last book. You know, on that pedestal with the demon.”

“It is.”

“Inspiration, neat. Now if only Zarkel was real.”

Behind him large wings stirred. Not again.#vss365a


“Never fear!” The knight held up his spear. “I will vanquish this wretched bird for the kingdom.”

The ‘wretched’ bird raised its head and scowled down at the shiny man. She spread immense #wings, burst into flames, and scorched his corpse clean off the earth. “Arrogance.”#vss365a


Stroke the fur between her floppy ears. Look into her soft gold eyes as she sits on the floor. She beams back #empathy for a foreign species. She senses pain and panic; she brings relief and calmness. In her canine frame she embodies a vast soul unequaled in humanity.#vss365a


Fox sat at the mouth of Lion’s sick cave. “Come in,” Lion rumbled.

Fox shook his head. “I’m fine here, thank you.”

Lion lunged, but only a mouthful of fur for his troubles.

“You are not so sick to eat, Lion. What a #ruse the rest fell for. Tracks go in. They never came out.”#vss365a


Stroke of #midnight, says the grandfather clock with its chime. I sit on his chest, as is my nightly duty, and watch his eyes widen in the dark. He cannot move under my spell. Conscious, but unable to struggle beneath the weight of his mind. Sleep shall come no more.#vss365a


Mitch raised his hands to the heavens and called forth the god’s fury to rain down upon his enemy. Thunderbird smirked and looked into the would-be mage’s heart. He unleashed a #bolt as requested, right down Mitch’s spine. That pesky ego made a great lightning rod.#vss365a


Charity dashed for the mansion door toward her screaming butler. On the porch a hell hound stood dripping in blood, a telltale #vintage diamond studded leather collar pinched between his teeth. A note, “Reminder: Payment is due.” She grasped the talisman around her neck.#vss365a


The old bat told me if I went into the woods and held up this stupid stone it would turn into my #totem and reveal my spirit animal. Hours of this and all I see is a snake eating its own tail. What kind of non-sense is—wait, what’s this shadow? Why’s it darker? Oh FUC–!#vss365a


I drift through the night-shrouded cemetery on silent paws. My ethereal body cuts the #fog concealing me from the intruders. Shovels strike coffin. The steady thump accompanies my approach. They turn wide-eyed at my howl. The last thing they ever see. Cursed church grim.#vss365a


Dirk cracked the bat against the tree! I cringed. “Relax sissy,” he laughed, “S’not like the tree’s live or nothing.”

I was about to remark on #sentient forests when the limbs groaned above him. I admit I did not watch that tree fall in the forest. But I heard it thump!#vss365a


Alice narrowed her eyes at the #bistro menu. “Mug Puppy?”

Cheshire Cat flexed his claws. “Good choice.”

In a flash a coffee mug appeared filled with a tiny dog, staring up at her with wide eyes.

Alice palmed her face. “Right, Wonderland. Never mind.”#vss365a


I knew the black horse was a kelpie as I stared into his eyes. They promised oblivion. Freedom from the scars plaguing me every step of the way. He shied back as I reached to #embrace his neck. Only a moment. Then, he nuzzled me and we walked into the dark waters. Home.#vss365a


Beneath the moon the wolf sisters plunged paws into the hoof prints of a staggering elk. Survival pitted against one another in an #iron pact. For wolf to live, elk must die. The gleam of light off the eye drew them through the trees. A weary eye, unwilling to surrender.#vss365a


In the dark cave he lie in wait, his fury simmered as he licked the #scars. He sharpened his claws, flexed healing muscles. The world continued on oblivious. Green eyes tainted with betrayal lingered. Rage flicked the end of his tail. Revenge approached on clueless paws.#vss365a


The deluge lasted for days flooding the entire valley, bodies floated everywhere. Cumulonimbus scowled from his perch in the high mountains. The weather dragon’s #mood permanently soured. This village did not contain his stolen treasure. He took flight for the next.#vss365a


I gazed up at the shaft of starlight and tried to laugh at the #cosmic joke. Our village had prayed to the gods for a bountiful harvest forgetting that it required fresh nutrients. In the smoke of volcanic eruption I reflected that our bodies would feed next year’s crops.#vss365a


Mark’s heart throbbed as he slipped the engagement ring onto Red’s finger. He shut his eyes. Would she say yes? Her answer wasn’t a word, it was a pained howl. He opened his eyes to smoke wreathing her finger, and fur, and claws sprouting! #Silver “Oh shit—!”#vss365a


The elder hung his toes over the cliff edge, gazing across the valley. The youths in the village had mocked his telling of the tribal #mythos. From up here he could hear their screams as he watched the firehawks drop flaming sticks on their huts. “Heh. What did I know.”#vss365a


Verc the Sky Death sneered at the crowned dragon statue in the ruined courtyard. His tail lashed the stones as he racked his talons and beheaded the offensive symbol. “Your pathetic #regime is crushed!” he bellowed to the cowering men. “Now you will bow to a real dragon!”#vss365a


I stood at the threshold staring down my shadow. How long had it been? A figure shuffled around in the grass. I stood taller … was it? Could it be believed? My hand pressed against my chest. Yes! Riley the dog finished and strode in the door. The end of an #epoch.#vss365a


Somewhere deep with it hides, always ready to share but frightened of rejection. We coax it out in the quiet spaces, our private times though the world straightens our clothing even as we try to break free. Creatives #protect their inner child, and are more because of it.#vss365a


I walked along the path clanking a stick against the zoo bars. They were nothing but animals, right? A snow leopard padded to the edge of her space. Her gaze caught mine. I froze, mesmerized by the human #psyche staring back at me. Every cage, human stares. Oh God! I ran!#vss365a